Couples, whether married or in a committed relationship, can benefit from marriage counselling with our team of experienced marriage counsellors and therapists. Gain help that resolves relationship conflict, increases sexual intimacy, improves emotional intimacy, and strengthens communication. Our long-term relationship and marital counselling services in Thailand are focused on helping you develop the skills to create a healthy, flourishing relationship. We integrate the theories and methodologies of Dr. Gottman on Choice Theory and Attachment Theory. With our therapies, couples can observe small yet effective changes in a short period of time. Based on our experience, our marriage counselling services require 4-6 sessions only. Occasionally, further work may be required to increase the couple’s functionality and to improve communication skills – our marriage counsellors in Thailand will be sure to guide you through your sessions of relationship counselling.

Share Your Burden: Seek Marital Counselling in Thailand

If you are desperate to save your marriage but your spouse doesn’t want to attend counselling, you can attend relationship counselling on your own at All in the Family Counselling (Thailand). You have 100% control over your half of the relationship. By doing something different and probably more effective, you force a change in their reaction because you are behaving differently. This is often more effective than trying to force someone to attend counselling.

Based on what you share during your marriage counselling sessions in Thailand, our marriage counsellors can also help you understand what your partner is saying to you even if they don’t attend. Don’t make relationship counselling another power struggle between you and your spouse in which you try and force someone to come when they don’t want to. If you really want to make your relationship better, don’t wait for your spouse to come around – our marriage counselling professionals in Thailand can help you.

Common Reasons Thailand Couples Seek Marriage Counselling

  • Emotional Unhappiness/lack of love in relationship
  • Communication Issues
  • Divorce/Separation Concerns
  • Desire to Improve the Relationship
  • Arguments/Anger Management Issues
  • Sex/Physical Affection Differences
  • Conflict escalation without resolution
  • Lack of Emotional Intimacy
  • Lack of Sexual Intimacy
  • Conflict problems

Couple Counselling Pre & Post Marriage

In Thailand, our marriage counselling services not only extend to couples already married for a period of time but also those who are about to tie the knot or had recently done so. These couple counselling sessions are useful for soon-to-be wedded couples and newlyweds looking to develop relationship skills that will nurture a successful marriage. A strong marriage requires a good relationship, and strong communication skills, as well as a smooth and painless means of conflict resolution – we can help grow these with our pre-marriage and post-marital counselling services.

When unmarried couples are in love, it is very easy to overlook nascent issues that show signs of it being problematic. While planning to get married, no one wants to think about future problems in communication, sexual intimacy, or conflict. However, a mature approach to marriage is to realise that love can only sustain a relationship so far and that a successful marriage is dependent on a couple’s ability to manage their differences successfully. Couples who have yet to marry need effective communication skills to ensure a happy marriage and a good marriage counsellor can ensure these.

The global rate of divorce by the seventh year of a relationship is 50%; for second marriages, the divorce rate is 70%. Clearly, couples can benefit from learning more effective relationship skills for a happy, long, and successful marriage through counselling. Don’t become a statistic, but instead, work with our team in Thailand to develop the skills for a successful marriage with our counselling therapists.

Our marriage counsellor will teach you how to satisfy the needs of each person in a relationship. Unlike most therapy sessions that just show your incompatibility, the couples counselling services we provide in Thailand (which you can also engage with us from anywhere in the world via our online platforms) teach you effective skills to manage expectations, conflict, and communication.

Topics covered In Our Couple Counselling in Thailand

Our couples counselling sessions conducted in Singapore cover several topics in great detail. They include:

  • Communication issues
  • Expectations management
  • Conflict management
  • Problem solving skills enhancement
  • Understanding the impact of perception of your partner

Pre-marriage relationship counselling helps couples clarify and define a common relationship foundation from which to make relationship goals and decisions. Our clients in Thailand have benefited from marriage communication skills that have helped them avoid common negative relationship traps. Our marital counselling services are provided by is a certified Choice Theory therapist and has completed marriage counselling training with Dr. Gottman, from the Gottman’s Institute – renowned for its marriage counsellors and leading relationship researchers.

Couple Counselling Following Infidelity

A couple faced with the realisation that one partner has had an affair whether sexual or emotional (via the internet, porn, or sex-texting) is in real crisis. Cheating in the relationship or cheating in a marriage is something that causes great pain and disruption to the marriage. The partner who has discovered the marriage or relationship cheating can almost meet the criteria for post-traumatic stress syndrome unless help is sought immediately.

A relationship can survive cheating; however, it requires work and commitment from both parties to want to save the relationship. Our excellent Expat Marriage Counsellor uses integrative approaches from Choice Psychology, Gottman’s Couple Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to work through the cheating. Through couple counselling, partners can establish a new platform to build trust and engage in building a new healthier, and improved relationship. If your relationship has faced a cheating crisis, contact our centre in Singapore to find out how we can help you by calling 9030 7239 or emailing us.

Infertility Couple Counselling

Couple counselling services by our therapists in Thailand before starting infertility treatments have been found to be an effective measure against the ensuing stress and anxiety that arise from treatments – it can help protect and stabilise the marriage. In many countries, undergoing counselling is a mandatory part of infertility treatments. Our expat marriage counsellor will help couples learn good communications skills to resolve the many stressful and difficult issues they will face on the journey to having a baby.

For married couples finding themselves engaging in infertility treatments and dealing with the realities of infertility, a common consequence is distress in the relationship or marriage. Infertility is a private matter and often, a couple can only turn to each other. When a couple faces a disconnect in the urgency of the problem or how each person communicates their concerns, unhappiness, isolation, and disconnection can follow. A good expat marriage counsellor can be an excellent resource for strengthening your marriage during these difficult times.

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