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Seeking therapy for yourself to address short-term challenges or long-standing issues has never been easier in Thailand. Our team of experienced therapist are here to help you make sense of what feels like overwhelming feelings and situation. If you are someone who is exploring therapy to finally address issues that are limiting you having the life you want, we are the centre in Thailand that can help.

Our therapists are experienced to help individuals address a wide range of issues. We work with clients on issues ranging from the heartache from getting over a relationship ending, loss of job or a difficult life situation that you don’t seem to know how to address.

Our expertise is helping high function, smart and seemly competent adults who appear to have it all but are often struggling with issues of low-self-esteem and self-worth. They are often crippled with anxiety and or depression. They struggle in their relationships and with intimacy. To the outside world they seem like they have it all. But inside and with people who are close to them, it is a different story.  We help those individuals who are courageous to finally address the demons that have been plaguing them.

If you are suffering from:

  • Insecurity in your relationship
  • Low self-esteem and self worth
  • Anxiety about future, yourself or your ability to take care of yourself
  • Not feeling loveable or likeable
  • Worrying if you are good enough at sex
  • Feeling like a fraud and afraid you’ll be found
  • Not feeling safe in the world even though you have degrees, titles, awards and money
  • Not feeling connected to your children or have no idea how to connect to them
  • Feeling disconnected from friends and your partner and not knowing how to be close
  • Fear of intimacy or letting people in
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Chronic fear of rejection
  • Poor or no boundaries. You feel like you are being constantly walked over or in emotional or toxic relationships
  • Difficulties maintaining friendships
  • Difficulties in taking feedback in relationships or work
  • Constantly in and out of relationship that end abruptly and were never good for you to be with
  • Constant overwhelming feelings of loneliness and alone
  • Do you feel afraid to be by yourself?
  • Constantly wondering what the purpose of your life is
  • Having difficulty finding meaning in your life

All our therapy is provided face to face via zoom, skype or WhatsApp Video. We have been providing therapy since 2010 and providing face to face video therapy since 2015.  In therapy there is no touch but rather our skilled therapist builds a relationship with in ways that will help you build relationships with the people in your life that matter. Therapy requires consistency. We’ve been providing therapy this way long before the pandemic. We can do consistent therapy when clients travel or relocate. The therapy through these modalities allows us to provide the ongoing support and education clients need.

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