We Solve problems that Are Beyound your Control

The Counseling Clinic provides professional counseling and
psychotherapy services.

We help with problems that Are Beyond your control

The Counseling Clinic provides professional counseling and psychotherapy services.

The Best Counseling Clinic

All in the Family Counselling provides professional service for individuals, couples and families.

The Best Online Therapy

Online Therapy with expanded hours with last session at 9pm.

Top Counselling Experts in Thailand are a WhatsApp call away

All in the Family Counselling Services for Individuals, Couples and Families in Thailand

Our English-Speaking Expat Therapist and Counsellors are helping couples and individuals for over two decades.

Our therapists have extensive training and experience in anxiety, depression, communication issues, and a whole range of relationship matters. We are one of the few clinically trained (USA) sex therapists in Southeast Asia. We have extensive experience handling difficult cases related to infidelity, sexual dysfunction, and trauma. We also provide ongoing support through our portal www.mynewbeginningsclub.com and we offer an intensive therapy sessions as well as retreats to Croatia and Austria.

Licensed Counsellors

Licensed and skilled professionals

Well Counselling

More than 13 years of experience

Don't Wait

Your counsellor expects you

Tammy Fontana USA Sex Therapist Hypnotherapist

Hello, I'm Tammy Fontana

M.S., NCC, CTRT, USA Sex Therapist, Hypnotherapist

Working more than two decades as a counselor with many international clients, my goal is to get you the new and positive image of reality. Childhood trauma and past mistakes - or maybe a history of nasty fights, shouldn't determine your present desires and behavior. And you play a huge role in this process.

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Our Services

Imagine a reality where you are not doomed by early childhood trauma or past mistakes or a history of nasty fights in your marriage. Instead imagine the possibility to learn to choose more effectively in order to get what you want. This is what our counsellors do.

Marriage and couple therapy
Marriage and couple therapy

Couples, whether married or in a committed relationship can benefit from counselling to help resolve conflict, increase intimacy and improve communication skills.

Individual's counselling
Individual's counselling

Professional counselor can help give you the skills and tools to regain internal control, stop blaming others and help you find your path.

Sex & intimacy
Sex & intimacy

Intimacy is not the same as Sex – Intimacy is something that occurs both inside and outside the bedroom, but sex isn’t necessarily required for intimacy.

Online Therapy
Online Therapy

Online therapy done through Skype or WhatsApp Video offers the same high-quality therapy, but with more flexibility.


Our comprehensive solutions also provide retreats to croatia, as well as other retreats to help our clients.

The New And Healthy You


A unique opportunity for regular package members!

All our package members have an access to our online mental wellness portal to get support and education for in between therapy sessions 24-7.

24-7 available portal

Improve, repeat, remember and learn what you heard in sessions.


We add new texts, videos and audios on weekly basis! There is always something new.

Outside Office Calls

We can provide counselling even outside standard office hours.

Help for depression and anxiety

Call us to learn more about how we can help and support you.

Need consultation?

Contact us for any pain, problem or if you just simply have an inquiry.


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Couple Communication

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June 2, 2022
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"If you are here breathing, then there is more right with you than wrong."

Dr. John Kabat-Zinn

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I make an appointment?

    The best way to schedule an appointment for counselling is to send our team a WhatsApp message with your full name and preferred dates. Kindly note that payment is due on the day of booking in Singapore via PayPal or DBS bank account. Learn more about fees here:

    How fast does therapy work?

    It is hard to say on a general level and we determine that once you have your first counselling session. Therapy is highly customized for an individual or the couple. Upon a first meeting therapist in Singapore can give you a pretty good assessment what would be required to address the issues and define goals and outcome. Factors that affect how fast therapy works are our clients’ willingness to engage in sessions, clearly defined outcomes and compliance to the therapy process. Learn more here:

    Our Approach
    How does therapy work?

    We have provided a special pre-therapy programme for all our clients which explains many questions and solves many dilemmas. Learn more about it here:

    Therapy Education
    How much does therapy cost?

    You can see our fees by clicking here:

    Fees Paypal